Founded in 2010, the Colorado Rush Rugby Football Club provides a club where amateur athletes in the Greater Denver area can participate competitively in the classic game of rugby in an inclusive, multicultural environment.

Join the Colorado RUSH Rugby team for Practice! 
Practices will be at Barnum East Park on Tuesdays and Thursday from 7-9pm until March 1st. 
500 N Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80204
Get a workout, make friends, learn to play rugby, and join the thousands of rugby brothers worldwide.

Visit our Event Calendar page for times and locations of spring practices as they are announced! (switch the calendar view to “Agenda” on the top right for event lists).

The Rush would like to extend a special Thank You to our sponsors! Without the support of our sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to do everything Rush Rugby does as a club! Please support them as they support us!
If your company is looking to sponsor our team, please click on the sponsors tab for more information on how you can help sponsor the Rush and send Colorado’s only inclusive rugby team to Amsterdam! 

The RUSH will be competing at the 2018 Bingham Cup in Amsterdam!
The Tournament will bring together nearly 70 teams from all over the the world to compete in the spirit of international cooperation. The tournament is named for Mark Bingham, an early pioneer in the creation of inclusive rugby. Bingham became an international hero giving his life on September 11, 2001 attempting to fight back against the terrorist high-jackers on United Flight 93. The tournament is held in his honer every other year, changing locations with each tournament. Past tournaments have been held in Nashville, Sydney, Manchester, Minneapolis, Dublin, New York, London and San Francisco. 
Even if you aren’t a player, please consider a donation to help send the team to represent Denver, Colorado and the United States at this unique gathering of players from all over the world!

The RUSH is entering 2018 with a bit of a refresh! Our NEW LOGO has already gone live on our facebook pages, we expect full implementation across all platforms, advertisements and new materials soon!
In addition, two new sets of jerseys have been ordered for the team and exciting new merchandise featuring the new logo is coming soon! 
The RUSH is changing. We honor all that this club has accomplished in the past, but with the changing times, we too must change. There can be little doubt the RUSH have proved that an inclusive rugby team can survive and successfully compete on the pitch. But we are looking to that next step, growing our club into a community of supporters, players and alumni. We’re rising above the obstacles that have slowed us in the past, focusing on expanding our club, including increased community outreach, a greater emphasis on alumni involvement and player engagement! Expect more community events, public service, alumni events and a true return to rugby culture!
As Colorado’s only inclusive rugby club, the RUSH family has the responsibility, and privilege, to ensure that anyone willing to give it their all and play rugby has a club to call home! 

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  • Spring Training!
    Spring Training!
    Spring training is coming. We will post our new schedule and location soon.
  • RUSH to Atlanta!
    RUSH to Atlanta!
    The Colorado RUSH participated in Atlanta Ruck-a-Buck 2016 playing in 5 matches.

What does the RUSH stand for?
Respect for ourselves and our opponents
Untamed ferocity
Superhuman strength
Heart in everything we do!