Tell me more about Colorado Rush Rugby

We consistently encourage and welcome new players with any level of sporting experience or age to check us out and see what our club and the sport of rugby has to offer you. We only ask that you be willing to work hard and give us your best. Many players join the Rush with little to no knowledge of rugby and the Rush is here to educate you in a safe and encouraging environment!

Why Play Rugby? 

Rugby is a hooligans sport played by gentlemen. Rugby is a competitive full-contact sport that will challenge even experienced athletes. However, Rugby is an excellent sport to help even novice athletes get in shape, make friends and most importantly have fun! It is a game of honor, intelligence and brotherhood.

On the pitch, players leave everything they have on the pitch and shake the hands of their opponents, win or lose. Off the pitch, players join their opponents for a celebratory 3rd half, forming new bonds with opponents. This is especially true at our national and international tournaments! Many Rush players and alumni remain in contact with their fellow ruggers from teams all over the world!

Finally, you’ll get in shape, makes friends and have a lot of fun! Many players find the lessons they learn and confidence they gain on the pitch carries into their day-to-day lives, making them stronger members of the community and at the end of the day, better men.

Is Rugby Dangerous?

Rugby is an intense full-contact sport. However, there are shockingly few serious injuries and most injuries are the of the occasional bumps, bruises and turf burn variety! The Rush work hard to educate players not only how to tackle safely, but how to take a tackle safely. Please keep in mind, while we do compete to the best of our abilities, at the end of the day the game of Rugby is a lot of fun!


The things you will need to play rugby:

  1. Cleats (rugby or soccer are acceptable; no metal and no football cleats)
  2. Water
  3. Mouth guard
  4. Shorts (rugby shorts preferred, soccer shorts acceptable for practice)
  5. Tall socks
  6. Compression shorts/undies
  7. Sheer determination to be awesome



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Rush Rugby is a team of both veterans and beginners, and we train to educate our new players about fundamentals, as well as techniques veterans will be able to utilize.

Rush Rugby works hard to educate new players, regardless of their athletic backgrounds.


There are a ton of online resources to get an intro to rugby. If you choose to do your own rugby research, USA Rugby competes in rugby union style of play and law, which is different from rugby league. Check out these helpful tools:


– World Rugby’s ‘Beginners Guide to Rugby